Heart Patients Nutrition

Do you want to control the symptoms of heart disease, arteries hardening, and the harmful high cholesterol level in the blood? Here is a healthy diet for you! Though of and designed according to your condition by the expert Diaa Ahmed Al-Tamimi in which healthy food plan is given.

Special food to strengthen the heart and prevent high cholesterol.

Keep your heart healthy!

There are many situations and behaviors that you or a loved one can face throughout your lives that can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease .

Certain conditions such as family history, age, high blood pressure or high cholesterol are factors that increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Fortunately, there is a healthy diet to help lower this risk entirely.

Under the supervision of nutrition expert Diaa Ahmed Al-Tamimi

Born in Iraq, specialist in Clinical Nutrition, Complementary Medicine, and Herbs.
Specialization Certificate / Ain Shams University / Egypt Higher Diploma Certificate / Clinical Nutrition (obesity – thinness – children – athletes)

  • Iraqi Alternative Medicine Foundation
  • The Scientific Professional Society for Complementary Medicine
  • Identity Center for Studies, Consultations, Research and Training

Price 25$

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