Proper nutrition for children

1- Nutrition for baby

2- Nutrition before entering school

3- Nutrition while in school

4- Nutrition before and after adolescence

Proper nutrition for children depends on the same principles as adult nutrition, everyone needs the same nutrients, which are vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and fats. However, children need different amounts.

1. Baby Nutrition

Nutrition during this stage relates to milk, whether it is breast milk or formula milk or a mixture of both, milk provides most of the nutrients that the child needs during the first year.

Most babies after the age of six months are considered ready to introduce different types of food such as iron-fortified cereals, fruits, vegetables, and pureed meats as fortified cereals and meats between the ages of six and nine months can help provide a good support  for breast milk.

2- Nutrition before entering school

The child grows between the ages of one and five years unevenly, and his appetite also varies greatly, so children at this age may eat a large amount in one day followed by only a small amount on the second day.

We must focus on calcium first, as it is considered an essential component for building body mass and strong and healthy bones and teeth as well as fiber and others.

3- Nutrition while entering school

A six- or seven-year-old child gets food options from school which often does not provide healthy food.

4. Nutrition before and after teens

Often depend on fast food and foods that contain low nutritional value, so they need to focus on foods that contain more calories to keep up with the changes that occur to the body at this age.

Under the supervision of nutrition expert Diaa Ahmed Al-Tamimi

Born in Iraq, specialist in Clinical Nutrition, Complementary Medicine, and Herbs.
Specialization Certificate / Ain Shams University / Egypt Higher Diploma Certificate / Clinical Nutrition (obesity – thinness – children – athletes)

  • Iraqi Alternative Medicine Foundation
  • The Scientific Professional Society for Complementary Medicine
  • Identity Center for Studies, Consultations, Research and Training

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