Nutrition for osteoporosis patients

A large number of people develop osteoporosis, which is a state of severe weakness in bones, making them easily vulnerable to fractures and various injuries.

People with osteoporosis are forced to move cautiously for fear of making the wrong movement that will cause them health problem.

Treating osteoporosis is not done by using medicine only, but there are several other methods as the diet that the patient follows plays a major role in the treatment, so it is important to know the types of nutrients that the body needs in addition to the foods that should be avoided.
It is important to focus on the types of food that are rich in calcium, vitamin D, and other nutrients to maintain bone and overall health.

Under the supervision of nutrition expert Diaa Ahmed Al-Tamimi

Born in Iraq, specialist in Clinical Nutrition, Complementary Medicine, and Herbs.
Specialization Certificate / Ain Shams University / Egypt Higher Diploma Certificate / Clinical Nutrition (obesity – thinness – children – athletes)

  • Iraqi Alternative Medicine Foundation
  • The Scientific Professional Society for Complementary Medicine
  • Identity Center for Studies, Consultations, Research and Training

Price 25 $

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