Diabetes disease between hope, science and ignorance

Some patients ask why is there no cure for diabetes?

Diabetes is like many chronic diseases such as blood pressure and immune diseases, but it may be less dangerous if the patient deals well with it. And that is by changing the lifestyle for the better through sports, food, drinking water, and weight maintenance.

Diabetes is a disease that results from a deficiency in the amount or efficiency of insulin, which leads to an inability to control glucose.
It has two types:

Type #1: It results from an imbalance in the secretion of insulin from the pancreas as a result of the weakness of beta cells, which is the least common type and often needs insulin treatment from the beginning and is common in young people.

Type #2: It results from an imbalance in the efficiency of insulin and not its quantity, in addition to the presence of antibodies and resistance to it, and it is the most common type and it causes obesity and often needs treatment with pilld at the beginning and seriously dealing with it.

There are other rare types of diabetes as well..

If you can handle this disease seriously and properly, you will avoid complications.

These complications that people fear are interfered by other factors, including the genetic factor. Not every diabetic patient is exposed to the same complications or the same degree of complication.

But severe neglect or following the wrong instructions or prescriptions in an attempt to deny reality complicates this matters a lot.

Also, extreme exaggeration, which reaches the point of incapacitation and frustration, is not required.

But it is better to deal realistically, objectively and with a treatment plan that suits the culture and capabilities of society, but based on scientific grounds.

Treatment :

Every day, there is something new in medicine and research centers, and hopes are high in solving insulin problems in particular, but for that to happen we must deal realistically with this disease.

1- A balanced diet is an alternative, and exercise, drinking water and weight control are the main things before any treatment.


2- Medicines and insulin treatments are progressing as every year passes. There are new medicines added, but they are not measured by price, but in how affective they are.

As for television drugs and prescriptions, there is no room to talk about that , nor are they substitute for the real safe medicine.


3- Insulin pump: It is a device that is implanted under the skin and measures sugar and pumps insulin according to its analysis. It is available at many international companies, but it is expensive and needs attention in order to prevent the scenario of it not working without the patient’s knowledge.
4 – Insulin spray: is still in the process of research and study, and the hope for it is very high and close.

5- Stem cell transplantation: International research centers are still evaluating their results, and those who claim to be doing these procedure here are doing it for money reasons, and their results are bad because they are done in a commercial way.

6- Pancreas transplantation: It is the only curative treatment, but it is a very big surgery and requires immunosuppressive drugs, the damage of which is greater than insulin and diabetes medicines.

7- There is a new research that holds great hope, which is the transplantation of pancreatic beta cells into the peritoneum endoscopically, but results are still awaited.

I hope that we will deal with the reality of this disease with much satisfaction, patience, seriousness and hope for God and the future that the next is better.

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