Intermediate Program 3×1

-Duration: 20 days

– The rate of loss is 5 to 8 kg

– Includes 2 exercises

– 6 hours daily follow-up by expert Diaa Ahmed Al-Tamimi


1- How to choose healthy meals to lose weight

2- How to get healthy sleep and how much sleep you need

3- How to focus on breathing healthy to lose weight

4- How to drink water correctly

5- Identify the causes of obesity

6- Added 10% of Herbs recipe

Definition of the Intermediate Program 3×1:

It consists of 3 programs:

Weight- break program – Calorie Program – Yogurt Program

1) Weight- break program: A period of two days to relax the body from the inside and get the weight moving and ready to be burnt.

2) Calorie Program: to reduce the stomach from the inside and know how many calories fit your body and how to calculate the daily calories needed to lose weight without deprivation.

3) Yogurt Program: It consists of yogurt, oats, chicken, fish and all kinds of vegetables and green apples which is why this program gives you 100% fullness in addition to the healthy weight loss.

Replace harmful meals with healthy food that consists of protein not fat!

-This program is general not private.

-Four meals a day, intended just for you.

Under the supervision of nutrition expert Diaa Ahmed Al-Tamimi

Born in Iraq, specialist in Clinical Nutrition, Complementary Medicine, and Herbs.
Specialization Certificate / Ain Shams University / Egypt Higher Diploma Certificate / Clinical Nutrition (obesity – thinness – children – athletes)

  • Iraqi Alternative Medicine Foundation
  • The Scientific Professional Society for Complementary Medicine
  • Identity Center for Studies, Consultations, Research and Training

-Price: 40$

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