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Authorized agent for the largest and largest companies specialized in the field of health, beauty and food, including:

  • Forever Levink Company
  • Edmark International Corporation
  • DXN
  • L’DORA

Forever Levink

“Forever Living was founded in 1978 by Rex Mugan, a company with a multibillion dollar capital.
The company manufactures and sells hundreds of health and beauty products all over the world. Where Voyager Livage Products has dedicated itself To search for and share nature’s best sources for health and beauty with the world. It also owns farms and manufacturing and research and development facilities And quality control laboratories and even private distribution channels. Everything from the field of the product to you. It is found in more than 160 countries
The benefits of Aloe Vera products from Forever and they also saw its benefits on their families, which improved their appearance and feeling of improvement.

Idemark International:

The company is a pioneer in health care with natural products and specializes in programs to reduce the excess weight that has become a problem
Millions in the twenty-first century … and colon disease programs … cholesterol and diabetes diseases … and systemic diseases
Digestive system. The officials of the company have made every effort and dedication since 1984 AD to the present day to make all these products safer and more
Effective and more advanced and suitable for all ages and all diseases, without any exception, and it has obtained many local certificates
And international ones such as – the check off vegetable fiber product – the healthy dietary chlorophyll drink – coffee with ginseng extract – the food alternative
MRT – Effervescent Vitamin C – Collagen.


DXN was founded by Dr. Lim Siow Jin, a graduate of the renowned Indian Institute of Technology in 1993.
The company is distinguished by its deep interest in mushrooms and its relationship to human health. To better understand this relationship, Dr. Lim Seo Jin traveled to different places
Far and vast in his search for the king of herbs – Lingzi. After more than twenty years of research and scientific analysis, Dr. Lim
Seo Jin finally Ling … the ze of the king of weeds who can benefit humanity. Realizing the importance and usefulness of Lingzhi, Dr. Lim Seo Jin sharing
He learned about this miracle herb with his friends, who were deeply impressed by the value of its medicinal and health benefits. However, Dr. Lim Seo Jin did not
Standing at it. But he felt that he should start a company that helps as many people as possible to find out the relationship and extract the benefits of this
Miracle grass. And in 1993 Dr. Lim when he founded DXN. It is a company in a Muslim country that holds many
Among the international certificates, the most important of which is – Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice from the Malaysian Ministry of Health in 1995 – Certificate of International Standards
(ISO) in Singapore in 1999. – Medical Commodity Management Certificate from Australia in 1999. It is the company’s products as supplements
Nutritional proven effectiveness in the prevention and treatment of many diseases, including diabetes and allergies of all kinds.


L’Dora brand includes skin care, hair and cosmetic products. This range of products, using the best quality, has been categorized in the consumer basket of Marwarid Banbeh Riz Online Shopping Company. The main components of the Dora family are sourced from the most famous manufacturers in Switzerland, France and Japan, and it is one of the best and most competitive products in comparison with the best international brands. Dora products are manufactured by in-house specialists and offered in special, durable and unique packaging and offered to special consumers looking for excellence.

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