A multi-use cream for cracked feet from L’DORA, a French distinction


A multi-use cream for cracked feet



– A powerful moisturizer that maintains the skin’s natural moisture

– Treats and helps get rid of cracked feet due to its plant-based formula

– Helps get rid of dryness and roughness in the ankle, knee and elbow area

– Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

– Helps remove tired feet and gives coolness

– Prevents and eliminates unpleasant foot odor

Methods of use:

Please wash the foot with water and an appropriate cleanser and dry it completely and then put an appropriate amount of cream on the affected areas and rub it well until it is absorbed into the skin

Active Ingredients:

– Grape leaf extract

– Cucumber fruit extract

– Sweet almond oil

– Peppermint oil

– menthol

– glycerin

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French Franchise – L'DORE CARE

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