Facial Lifting Cream with Massager by L’DORA a French Excellence


Facial Lifting Cream with Massager



– Works to tighten the face immediately

– Anti-wrinkle

– Astringent for pores

– Collagen activator

– Suitable for use by persons of 35 years of age or older

Methods of use:

Please open the box first and by pressing on the king, an appropriate amount of it is placed on the skin of the face, neck and forehead and massaged for two minutes

Active Ingredients:

– Filmexel (a substance rich in marine algae)

– Seaweed Herbasol (a type of seaweed)

– Oselift (a substance made from oats)

– Pro Every One (contains a rich soybean-derived peptideglycopy)

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French Franchise – L'DORE CARE

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