reishilium powder


Reishi Mushroom Powder with so many benefits!


Product Benefits:
1) Reduces blood pressure and diabetes
2) Helps treat cancer
3) Helps with AIDS
4) Helps solve respiratory problems
5) Helps solve the problems of the digestive system
6) Helps solve problems in the skin
7) Effective in treating gynecological problems
8) It protects from liver disease and helps treat cirrhosis.
9) Its use reduces elevated liver enzymes.
10) Anti-inflammatory
11) Antiviral
12) fast wound healing
13) It prevents platelet aggregation.
14) Treating nerve and muscle diseases.
15) Antioxidant.
16) Hypoallergenic.
17) Has analgesic property
18) Improves blood circulation
19) Helps increase the count of white and red blood cells

How to use our Reishi Mushroom Powder:
Week 1: One teaspoon mixed in a cup of water one hour before breakfast, once a day.
Week 2: a teaspoon of mixed in a cup of water. Twice aday: one hour before breakfast, and one hour before dinner.
Week 3: a small teaspoon mixed in a cup of water. Three times a day: an hour before breakfast, an hour before lunch and an hour before dinner.
Then continue with this dose for the rest of the treatment duration.

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