cordyceps capsule


A DXN product it with high-quality specifications that is provided in the form of powder, pills and capsules.


The Cordyceps fungus grows in the high mountains of the Himalayas and Tibet, and this mushroom has been used for many centuries as a treatment in these areas. It is used to treat many diseases, DXN produces it with high-quality specifications and provides it in the form of powder, pills and capsules.
The therapeutic benefits of our product:
– It works to enhance the overall energy and endurance of the body
– Anti-oxidant and anti-malignant
– It maintains the health, vitality and function of the respiratory system and works to strengthen the lungs
– It regulates lipid levels and lowers cholesterol in the body
– It prevents blood clots, atherosclerosis and valve disease
– helps the work of the kidneys, as it strengthens the tissues and treat nephritis
– Improves and enhances sexual function and increases sexual activity in men and women
– It treats thyroid gland problems and hormone imbalance problems
– Very effective in treating reproductive problems in women and men and help in most cases of infertility
– It strengthens the immune system and is effective in fighting cancer cells
– Enhances liver function
– It increases the response of the cells to insulin, which helps regulate the level of sugar in the blood.

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